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These are the current catalogues available from Goods & Chattels. You can view them online by clicking your left mouse button on a catalogue or download them to your computer by clicking your right mouse button on a catalogue and saving the selected catalogue. If viewing a catalogue online takes a long time to for the catalogue to appear, download it by using the right mouse button and save it on your computer.

Please note that we endeavour to keep the prices in the catalogues up to date however the prices shown�are subject to change without notice, if you would like the current price on any item please contact us by phone or email.

Hardware Catalogue

The Hardware Catalogue contains a large variety of handles, locks, catches, box fittings, castors, hinges and fasteners.

Handles include pedestal handles, drawer handles, bale handles, drops handles, knobs, box and trunk handles, "D" pulls, rings and many more. There are box lock, cupboard locks, drawer locks, keys, escutcheons, tassels and more as well as Catches include cupboard catches, elbow catches, magnetic catches, box catches (small and large), hasp and staple, ice box catches hook and eye catches and more.

There are also box fitting for large and small boxes, nameplates, corners and feet, stays, locks, corner straps and brass inlays. Many different styles of hinges for external and internal mounting, special hinges such as pivot hinges, centre hinges, fancy hinges, concealed hinges, mirror hinges, strap hinges, "T" hinges and more.

Fasteners are also included, we stock brass screws (unpolished and nickel plated) steel screws (unplaited and plaited). Our wood screws are the old fashioned countersunk, round head and raised (oval head) single slotted screws

Restoration Catalogue

Furniture restoration products include waxes (8 varieties e.g. Gilly Stephenson, Jacpol, Liberon, Microcrystaline, Howard Products and others), and oils (orange oil, tung oil, danish oil, linseed and others), cleaning products and revivers.

For restoration preparation we stock pigment powders, stains, scratch fix pens, filler sticks, steel wool, water dyes and much more.

For finishing we stock shellac (9 varieties), flocking powder, felt, varnishes and more.

Brass Bed and Oil Lamps Catalogue

The Brass bed and Oil Lamp catalogues contains a large number of brass bed parts, cot fittings and bed bracket .

It also contain Oil lamp parts such as chimneys, burners, wicks and mantles, lamp oil fonts, lamp shades and other lamp parts.

Wood Catalogue

The Wood Catalogue contains wood products (trims and ornaments, corbels turned feet, wooden knobs, finials, veneer inlays and more), cane restoration products (rattan cane, binding and weaving cane, seagrass beading and other items) and tools for restoration work.

Miscellaneous Products Catalogue

We also stock a large range of other products such as table fittings, mirror fittings, coat and picture hangers, pie safe mesh, card frames, lazy susans.

This catalogue contains our range of architectural products which includes wall switches and sockets, door locks and handles, light fitting, window fittings, door hinges, gate fittings and more.